Teeth Whitening & Oral Care

  • IntelliWHiTE® CoolBlue Pro Teeth Whitening Light System

$225.00 or 3 payments of $75.00
  • IntelliWHiTE® Platinum Whitening Pen with Mouth Guard
  • FOREO ISSA™ Electric Toothbrush with Hybrid Head

$149.00 or 3 payments of $49.67
Free Shipping
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  • IntelliWHiTE® CoolBlue Teeth Whitening Refill Kit AS
  • FOREO ISSA™ Electric Toothbrush Pro Set

$219.00 or 3 payments of $73.00
Free Shipping
  • IntelliWHiTE® PM Restore Whitening Night Serum Kit

$44.50 or 2 payments of $22.25
  • IntelliWHiTE® CoolBlue Replacement Mouthpiece Duo
  • IntelliWHiTE® Platinum Stain Eraser

  • IntelliWHiTE® Platinum 3-piece Whitening Kit

$59.95 or 2 payments of $29.98
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  • intelliWHiTE® Pro White Toothpaste

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  • intelliWHiTE Cocobrite Coconut Oil Toothpaste
  • IntelliWHITE® Sonic 360 Toothbrush with Head and Base

$149.00 or 2 payments of $74.50
Only 10 left
  • IntelliWHiTE® Power Boost Daily Whitening Gel
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  • intelliWHiTE® Bleach Bumpers Twin Pack

  • IntelliWHITE® CoolBlue Platinum Teeth Whitening System

$225.00 or FlexPay available
  • IntelliWHiTE® Pro Express Pen w/Whitening Mouth Guard
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  • IntelliWHiTE® IntelliFRESH Oral Rinse Fusion
  • IntelliWHITE Sonic 360 Dual-Sided Toothbrush Head

$29.95 or 2 payments of $14.98
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  • IntelliWHiTE® Power Booster Pro White Duo

  • FOREO ISSA™ Silicone Replacement Brush Head
  • FOREO ISSA™ Hybrid Replacement Brush Head

$19.95 or 2 payments of $9.98
  • FOREO ISSA™ Electric Toothbrush with Silicone Head

$149.00 or 3 payments of $49.67
Free Shipping
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  • IntelliWHiTE® Whitening Mouth Guard 2-pack
  • IntelliWHiTE® CoolBlue Replacement Mouthpiece
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  • IntelliWHiTE IntelliFRESH Oral Rinse Fusion

Only 17 left
  • IntelliWHiTE® Pearl Stain Eraser Pen

  • VIOlife Limited Edition Essentials-To-Go Kit

$19.95 $49.95 or 2 payments of $9.98

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Take Care of Your Smile With Teeth Whitening and Dental Care Products

If your smile would benefit from some teeth whitening, look no further than our dental care products. Order an entire home teeth whitening kit, such as the IntelliWHiTE CoolBlue Pro light system, or stock up on oral hygiene products that range from breath fresheners to electric toothbrushes. Other home teeth whitening products include stain eraser pens and whitening mouth guards. Some work on your teeth overnight, while others can be used during the day as part of your normal tooth-brushing routine. Oral care is important for both your emotional and physical health, and we carry a variety of dental hygiene products to make the job easier. For instance, you can toss your manual toothbrush in the trash and replace it with an electric model complete with different heads, a USB charger, and a travel case. Your teeth will be cleaner, and brushing won't seem like such a chore. With the right oral care products, you can boost your mood and confidence. Choose one of our teeth whitening products and let it go to work on your teeth. Once your pearly whites look brand new, chances are you'll find yourself smiling wider and more often. Purchase your teeth whitening kit today!