Pretend Play


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Encourage Imagination With Pretend Play Toys

Playing pretend is important for young children as it helps them learn about and explore the world. Children can engage in pretend play with all types of toys, from dolls and action figures to costumes and items inspired by stuff they'll see in real life. At HSN, you can find a variety of pretend play toys for your imaginative children, whether you're playing with toddlers or preschoolers. Your little one can dress up as a construction worker, a hair stylist, a rock star, a princess, or a ninja and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.  Having the right toys and games available will encourage young children to participate in pretend play. The benefits of this type of play can include strengthening emotional and social skills, boosting critical thinking skills, and improving language skills. You might even hear your little one playing house, acting like “mom” or “dad” with the dolls or other toys you pick out at HSN and saying some of the same words and phrases that they've heard you say. HSN also carries a variety of other toys and games, including puzzles, electronics, and much more for everyone in your family.