Pressure Washers

  • 5-piece Variable Lance and Extension Tube Set

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Tackle Heavy-Duty Jobs with Hardworking Pressure Washers

No matter how much elbow grease you have to offer, some surfaces just need a little something extra. Get a handle on serious outdoor jobs with high-powered, portable pressure washers and tool sets. Over time, concrete surfaces such as driveways, garage floors, and patios act as magnets for grime. There’s no need to let them lose their luster, though. Arm yourself with a 2000 PSI pressure washer and clean up months or years of dirt and grime in a matter of minutes. With a range of pressure washer tools such as arms and brushes, you can clean even the most stubborn surfaces. Need to strip your deck before repainting or restaining? These heavy-duty cleaning machines work just as well on decks, too. Of course, electric pressure washers don’t just work on floors. They’re also ideal for hard-to-clean walls, such as brick facades and vinyl siding. With a 1750 PSI pressure washer, you can easily make your home look as good as new. Why rent an inferior unit when you can purchase a high-quality power washer or tool set? Shop portable and electric pressure washers and standalone tool sets and make your home and yard sparkle again.