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Mulchers Make Leaf Cleanup Simple and Efficient

You don't want to produce bags and bags of excess leaves when you're trying to create a beautiful yard. Leaf blowers and trimmers get the job started, but you need a mulcher that can shred your yard waste with ease. Look for a garden mulcher that can get through pine needles, thatch, and of course, leaves. A portable mulcher makes taking care of your yard simple, and lightweight models with easy loading features take your yard cleanup routine to the next level, no matter what area of your yard or garden you're clearing. When it's time for cleanup, mulchers are key. Trying to find one tool that does it all? A combination mulch blower from the HSN shop gives you powerful leaf blower speeds while doubling as a vacuum and mulcher. With this in your arsenal, you're ready to create huge expanses of lawn free of excess leaves. Whatever model you choose, a leaf mulcher will always have your lawn and outdoor grounds looking the best that they can. Start shopping the collection today and discover a powerful new tool for your landscaping and gardening needs. These highly rated products will have you clearing stretches of your yard in no time.