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Nifty Knit Kits

For those who are striving to be the next knitting fashionista, HSN has a selection of knit and crochet kits for you to choose from so that you can knit to your heart's content. If you don't yet know how to knit, a knitting kit for beginners is just what you need! These come complete with a book, needles, stitch-holders, and more to make your first knitting adventure a successful one. Crochet beginners can benefit from one of the ""learn to crochet kits"" HSN has available for purchase. These come with a how-to book or diagram, needles in several sizes, and more to allow for ease of learning how to crochet correctly. How about those who want to knit and crochet, but want to start off small? Weaving kits are a great place to start! These come with several projects that are easy to do and come complete with instructions to get you started on becoming a weaving master. For those who have some supplies on hand, don't forget the ever-important needles to work on your project. There are a few knitting needle sets to choose from in different colors and sizes. Shop HSN to get all of your knitting supplies.