Inversion Tables


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Relieve Aches and Pains in Your Back With Inversion Tables

Inversion tables offer an innovative way to make gravity work for you instead of against you. If you suffer from aches and pains in your back, hanging upside down on an inversion table can help temporarily relieve some of the compression put on your back all day. If you've turned to heating pads and ice packs to get rid of your back pain with little relief, you might want to consider trying inversion equipment. This specialized equipment gives you maximum spinal support while helping relieve pressure in your back. You can use an inversion table as part of your workout or in your relaxation routine. Not only is an inversion table good for stretching out your back and neck but some models also let you do exercises. Similar to abdominal exercise equipment, you can get an inversion chair to help you strengthen your back and core. Stronger muscles in your back and abdomen offer one more way to help fight pain in your back. When you're looking for the latest inversion tables as well as the tools and equipment to use with them, shop the extensive selection available at HSN.