Hair Brushes & Combs


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Discover Brushes and Combs to Pamper Your Hair

Switching your hair brushes for a design and style that suits your hair type is a smart move. There are many types of combs and brushes out there, and each is best suited to specific hair types. For example, fine hair does better with combs. For thick or coarse hair, you'll need something like a boar bristle brush to handle your hair without breaking. If you need to go the extra mile to tame your hair, check out HSN's curated line of styling products. Discover brushes with cushion to protect your scalp. Untangle the messiest knots without hurting your head. Check out compact travel brushes that include a convenient makeup mirror. Create a next-level blowout with round brushes that can add curls, volume, and waves. Enjoy more coverage with a flat paddle brush. Try tourmaline-based brushes for additional shine. Remember to get a deep, nourishing conditioner to keep your hair silky smooth. The right brush makes all the difference. Find out if your hair does better with a brush or a comb—or splurge on one of each. Whatever you need to tame your locks, you're sure to find it at HSN.