Curling Irons & Rollers


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Create Flirty Curls or Elegant Waves With Curling Irons and Hair Rollers

The weekend is here, and you've got plans for an exciting evening. Create the perfect hairstyle to fit your mood. Ready for a ladies' night out? Use hair rollers to fashion a cute, fun look featuring lots of tight curls. Perhaps you prefer a glamorous style for a quiet dinner or romantic date night. Add soft, luxurious waves with a Tourmaline ceramic curling iron. Then build a classy updo with stylish hair ties. Can't decide? Mix it up. Rock a tousled hairdo with spiral curls and chunky waves. It's easy to change your hairstyle to fit any occasion when you have professional tools. Set your hair overnight with sponge hair rollers to create tight curls or soft waves. In the morning, just shake or brush out your curls and you're ready to go! Switch to heated hair rollers and give yourself a new hairdo with flocked rollers and clips that won't snag your hair. If you only have minutes to change your look, choose a curling wand or curling iron. Curling irons and wands are available in different sizes from 1/2"" to 1-1/2"". Shop a variety of curly hairstyle tools now.