Eyebrow Makeup


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Get Perfectly Shaped Brows with Next-Level Eyebrow Makeup

In today's makeup scene, it's all about the eyebrows. Today's eyebrows are thicker than eyebrows of decades past, but with both sharp and natural looks in style you've got a lot of room to express your personality when you do you eyebrow makeup. HSN has every product you need to shape and define your brows. Newbies will be able to follow along to makeup tutorials with ease, and veteran makeup artists will find a wonderful collection of the best and brightest in makeup. Pick up a kit or match your favorite products with a brand new spoolie or angled brush. Choose brow makeup that's a shade or two lighter than your natural eyebrows to avoid a too-dark, over-dramatic appearance. Are your eyebrows sparse? Try a marker pen or a filler gel. Need to practice your skills first? Opt for eyebrow pencils or powders. In a pinch, neutral eye shadow will work, too. Take time to groom and shape your brows before you draw or shade them. Pick up shaper razors or tweezers to get the job done. You'll find everything you need to create the perfect brow when you shop HSN.