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Create a Bookworm's Paradise with Bookcases and Shelves

Every reader knows that bookcases not only save space, but also create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. They're essential for keeping all those hardbacks and paperbacks organized, as well. Books are lovely decor pieces, and in a pinch, many pieces of furniture can do double-duty as a bookshelf. Check out entertainment centers with shelving. That way, you can have all your must-have entertainment options in one place—books, TV, docking speaker, and gaming consoles. It also gives you an excuse to display eye-catching bookends. Bookshelves are functional, so you won't have trouble finding pieces of office storage for work-related tomes or shelving for your bedroom. Whenever possible, however, display your books in a unique fashion. Place all of your hardbacks in glass bookcases—spines out, of course. Mount floating shelves on the walls so that your books appear to float in thin air. Wall shelves in eye-catching shapes can store your books without taking up floor space. Look for standing shelves that make a statement, such as retro-inspired geometric designs. Remember, you can also display photos, figurines, vases, and other pieces on your shelves. Decorate a nook that's fit for a magazine from the selection of shelving at HSN. Check out our FlexPay plans and payment options.