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Take a Shine to Dazzling Amethyst Rings

Indulge your eyes with the stunning color and high-shine sparkle of an amethyst. This luminous purple gem is known as the birthstone of February. It is the most treasured form of the quartz mineral and was commonly used in jewelry for European royalty. You are guaranteed to create your own regal persona when you adorn your finger with one of the beautiful amethyst rings that HSN offers. Select your favorite style from top-rated designer brands such as Rarities Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie, Colleen Lopez, Nicky Butler, and Sevilla Silver. The deep, rich, and striking color, eye-catching glow, and high-quality design of these amethyst rings make them truly unique pieces to treasure. Invest in a majestic crown jewel you will cherish for years to come. Don't forget to add a lovely pair of earrings or a glittering bracelet to complement your chosen amethyst ring, creating a truly stunning jewelry ensemble. These vibrant pieces also make an ideal gift to surprise and charm your friends and family. This is statement jewelry that deserves a top spot in your collection. Shop with HSN for your radiant amethyst rings and start making a grand impression today.