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Best Teeter Reviews

out of 13 reviews
Great product
Great mat
Love love love I feel so lite when I got off my teeter my back feel good
pamelaG2, CA
Perfect Find
This item is fantastic fit to the Teeter Inversion Table.. Great fit and find..
Voltaire1, MI
out of 5 reviews
Love it!!!
Missfixit, MT
Really works wonders
This was truly a great find. This multi tool roller has 5 different ways to roll out all the kinks and relive stiff, tight muscles. The strap added is great for stretching and this does everything my physical therapist does only I can use it anytime and use it 2-3 times a day. I also rolled out my mothers back and neck and she loved it; and she doesnt like massages or any of the mechanical massage equipment. A must have for all who sit or stand all day! Entire design purposeful & functional
Lizzy_77, PA
This is Great!
Ordered this and it sat for a few weeks. Next time I had pain issues in my shoulder and back shoulder blade area, it was my go to for pain relief. I only wish they would have produced a DVD to go with it, but in reality it's a tool that you will find out quickly how to use if you have knots in muscles or pain overall. Bought the Teeter inversion table but returned it unopened. Too cumbersome & heavy! This is perfect and portable & should be used in physical therapy clinics IMO.
out of 470 reviews
than this happened!
I've been a professional over the road diver for eight years . Over time, I've developed lower back stiffness and occasional back pain.I purchased the teeter with high hopes. I must say, I was not disappointed. My first session on the teeter, I felt a difference. The second session, I experienced a loud POP in my lower Back . Scary at first, but man oh man, my back felt so good afterwards.
fishwithrobnyc, NY
So fantastic!
I am so happy to have purchased this inversion table, it was an upgrade as I used to have an older version and gave it to a friend, I didn't realize how much this was helping me until I didn't have it anymore! I waited for over a year for a good price and a few months ago bit the bullet, love this upgraded version especially the ankle part, it locks easy, you don't have to bend over or velcro like older version. So happy with this purchase, thank you HSN and team Teeter!
JS30, FL
The FitSpine is exactly what I needed!
Ive had moderate to severe back/hip/leg/knee pain from a herniated disc since 2012 & more recently 2 bulging discs & DDD. Physical therapy helped but Ive had ongoing pain & discomfort. My doctor said the next step would be injections. I decided after research & with the approval of my doctor to try the Teeter FitSpine. Its amazing! In just 1 week, twice a day for 2 min each, my pain is almost gone. I do my PT exercises daily & Teeter. I feel better than I have in a long time. TY Teeter!
out of 50 reviews
Back Stretcher
I read the reviews and went ahead and got this back stretcher. I am happy, I had a baby 3 years ago and am in my mid 40s and my lower back has been bothering since giving birth, I also gained some weight during 2020 because of all the staying at home. This seems to help my back pain. I seem to get the best stretch when laying flat with the legs bent but wow I can definitely feel it. Worth it.
CoolColleen, TX
This works great for my occasional power back pain. I'm 70 years old and am unable to use my tester inversion table, due to the fact I have controlled high blood, and had a stroke 2 years ago caused by broken heart syndrome when my husband of 32 years abandoned me! Look it up, it's the real deal!
olive123, VA
Very nice machine. It works well and I had results the first time I used the unit. Very easy to use. I have a RV and I do not have room for the Teeter Table and this unit is perfect for my needs. I would recommend it to everyone.
Rooster121, FL