Living Glow 3-pack Multi-Socket Rechargeable LED Bulbs

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  • Good product, (dsjim TX)

    Great to have with these storms and power outages.

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  • 3 cheers for these , (KAR809 PA)

    Right after i installed these bulbs what happened. A power outage and the bulbs turned on right away. They performed like they were supposed too!

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  • Genius, (cozychic2 SC)

    This was a smart purchase no more searching in the dark when the power goes out for candles and lighters. You just cant go wrong with these rechargeable light bulbs.

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  • rechargable bulbs, (Pat-5 NH)

    Great when you loose power ,awesome light very bright!!!!

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  • Living Glow rechargeable led bulbs, (Mitzimg3 AR)

    I just have to say these bulbs were a lifesaver for my family tonight. We had a tornado go right through our area today. And we have no electricity. These are working so wonderfully. And with two little ones that get scared from the dark these soothed them. I just ordered 3 more sets. Best Buy!

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  • I see the light! , (gigi4900 PA)

    We got these a while back but never saw them work. Last night, the lights went out only for a half a minute but I was upstairs with two lights and my husband was downstairs in the basementin the dark! So Im back here to order some more.

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  • Rechargeable lightbulbs, (cardinal54 SC)

    I purchased these several months ago. I put them in my lamps in my den and last week for the first time my electricity went out and they worked great. I was so impressed with them, I ordered three more!

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  • Living glow, (Deneen1 WV)

    These have been a big hit with everyone I gifted them to

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  • Excellent Item, (marty214 NY)

    Just had a power outage and thank goodness for these. Worked perfectly and so bright. Highly recommend. Ordering more.

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  • Living glow3 pack LED Bulbs rechargeable, (latinease NY)

    Had a power outage issue in my home last month. These bulbs provided light until the issue was resolved. This is my second purchase. Recommend for all households

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  • Love them , (MommaCat01 GA)

    I live in a rural area and sometimes go through blackouts. This happened right after I received this order and they work.I had lights. This order is for my friend.

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  • Necessity, (padufs FL)

    These are the best! Perfect lights, but a necessity for power outages. Also gave as gifts and they also Love them.

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  • Brilliant Idea!, (FOODIEGAL NV)

    What an invention!!! I only wish there was a couple flashlight end caps included , instead of only 1. But buy these! You wont be disappointed . Or in the dark ever again. Lol

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  • These work, (pattycake708 NC)

    Power went out, but my lights stayed on. I replaced most of my light bulbs with these. Bought them as gifts for family members. Would love be to see them made as yellow bug lights for my outside light fixtures.

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  • An ABSOLUTE must!, (SusieQue67 TX)

    These are absolutely the best thing since "sliced bread". I already had 3 of these when I ordered 3 more and just after ordering our electricity went out and WaLa we still had lighting. I keep them in several of lights around the house so they are full charged all the times. They are an absolute must - I LUV them.

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