Beekman 1802 Happy Place Sweet Grass Laundry Soap- 150 Load Auto-Ship®

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  • Beekman happy place laundry soap, (Pugs18 MA)

    I love this Beekman laundry soap. This time linen fragrance also have had lavender. Softly scented and makes clothes smell fresh as it cleansGreat product Donna P

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  • fantastic. Saves colors, (auntce7 OH)

    I can't do laundry without this. It does not fade clothing or towels, clothing feels cleaner - no visible residue. it does not irritate my skin. Makes longevity of clothing and towels a wonderful thing.

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  • Gets smell out, (texannmn MN)

    I have an athlete and clothes smell really bad and this is the only detergent that cuts that smell. It cleans them too.

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  • Laundry soap, (nylon11 NC)

    Great product!

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  • The way freshly washed laundry SHOULD smell, (CaterinaBlonde IL)

    I love this fresh linen laundry soap because it leaves my clothing and bedding smelling the way it should always smell - clean! Even guests have commented on the fresh smell of my towels. This product is great.

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  • Perfect!, (Markef IN)

    Only laundry soap I'll use. It is perfect in every way. I love all Beekman products. I am a total Beekman household.

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  • 150 Loads?, (Momoftwo2 MI)

    I love this product and have been using it for several years. I was on auto ship for 120 loads and it was on back order for several months . I canceled and went with the 150 loads since it seemed like a better deal. I noticed its now on back order. As I was emptying the bag out, I noticed a sticker on the front. When I peeled it back, the bag has 120 loads at 60 oz printed on it but over the top is a sticker that says 150 loads at 75 oz on the front.

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  • surprised, (KennesawKat GA)

    The dipper is so small it is hard to believe that little bit of soap will clean the clothes. It works well on slightly soiled clothes. I have not tried it on heavily soiled items.

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  • Great laundry product, (day4joy OK)

    I like the small amount of product usage. Comes with measuring spoon and in a bag so the plastic landfill jug problem is gone. Best thing is my laundry comes out very clean and smells like it has been dried out on the line. I have used it for years now and love it!

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  • Great laundry balls, (deedog TX)

    love these! helps with keeping the laundry from winkles Buy these

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  • Great Product, (Nander1225 MS)

    My home is beekman from cloths to all cleaning. We went clean as soon as we found Beekman

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  • Cleans washing machine as good as clothes!!, (GregoryJ92 MT)

    This laundry soap is incredible. I dont know how, but my washing machine has no more odors since Ive been using this soap. It cleans the clothes better than anything that Ive had from Costco to the supermarket. The fresh linen smell is nice and light, and I dont understand how anyone could have a bad experience with it unless theyre using it wrong. Cant be that complicated. Im so happy with it. Were on our second large bag now and will continue to order going forward.

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  • Best Laundry Soap ever!!, (Markef IN)

    This is best laundry soap I've ever used. Cleans clothes better than anything else I've used. I'll never use anything but Beekman forever.

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  • Beekman, (PW854 PA)

    Laundry detergent is really great.Clothes are nice and clean.I would def recommend

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  • I love this stuff, (Sherlynn7 MI)

    Been using for a couple of years. Like the aroma. Gets my clothes clean. Rinses clear.

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