Beekman 1802 Happy Place Sweet Grass Laundry Soap- 150 Load Auto-Ship®

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  • Beekman, (kws51 IA)

    I am extremely disappointed in this last order. Despite no obvious rips or holes, the soap arrived solid as a rock. I have used this product for years and have always been happy. This seems to be a fluke but still disappointed.

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  • Not so much, (jackie9410 VT)

    Laundry soapAgree with others ineffective cleaning or deoderizing clothes. Even used extra warm on hot on colored cloths. Might work for people working in a office that change their cloths two or three times a day. No so much for children, baby's or people that sweat in their work or play. Sorry waste of time and money. In the garbage it gies.

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  • 1802 happy place goat milk soap, (Bela0408 OR)

    This powder soap consisted of hard little balls that did not dissolve. At least half of this container consisted of these little balls. This must have been very old soap. I do not know if I will ever purchase this again.

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  • Disappointed , (tfish518 CA)

    This is the second time Ive purchased this product. The first time I thought it was ok but it didnt clean like the prior product I used. I thought I would purchase it again but use two scoops instead of one and with the laundry booster hoping it would be more effective. Today I washed a load of whites and they came out dingy and spotted. I am extremely disappointed. I wanted a product that had less chemicals not less cleaning ability. I am returning this item and the booster.

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  • Not Worth it, (DebRiley3 OK)

    I wanted to like this so much but I don't! It may be alright if your clothes are not really dirty but my husband works outdoors and he gets pretty grimy and this will not clean his clothes at all. I even bought the bright and white to add to his clothing and it doesn't get his clothes clean even a little bit. So I believe it is a waste of time and money.

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  • Very Disappointed , (rockyhdm16 NY)

    The laundry soap claimed to get stains out of your garments. Which did not happen at all. Dos pop did not clean clothes at all. I used the recommended one scoop full. I washed lights and darks. No difference at all. Would never buy again.

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  • No scent after washing, even with 3 scoops!, (MyChildrenMeow FL)

    I SOOOO wanted to like this product - I have multiple allergies and prefer to use all natural products when I can. I currently use Gain pods and Snuggle Exhilarations and love the way my clothes smell - so I thought why not try something natural that the hosts say smells awesome?I have an HE front loader and tried one, two, and three scoops - put the powder in b4 clothes, on top of the clothes, and both b4 and on top - there is just no smell no matter what!The clothes did come clean, tho!

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  • Laundry Fail, (Paisley185 TN)

    I am very disappointed in this product. Did a test on my own and it was a major fail in comparison to my regular detergent.

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  • Goat Milk Laundry Soap, (ChampBuilder CA)

    I have used this several times to give it a chance, but it leaves a white residue in my washer that took several regular soap washings to remove. I tried it for hand washing, and the same residue is there on the chrome drain. If there's residue there, then there must be some on my clothes as well.

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  • Lavender Laundry No fragrance, (NYRicanFL FL)

    Smells great from the package. Nothing on the clothes even after using 2 scoops.

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  • Don't Use on Colors or Nice Clothes, (bugsmom3 MN)

    I'd used this a few times to wash towels and undies. The whites seemed a bit whiter, but the colors looked faded. Also, I have a screen on the drain where the wash water empties out, and it was covered with a lot of fabric lint (these were not new towels). Today I washed cotton tops. They came out with stretched necklines, and the colors were a few shades lighter than when they'd gone in. Again, lots of lint on the screen. I'd followed Beekman's directions. Very disappointed.

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  • Disappointed., (cjc1 CA)

    White towels turned out grey despite being washed with other white items. All looked dingy. Perhaps its the water here.

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  • I wouldnt know, (Doxxee CA)

    I was just asked to write a review. My laundry soap was supposed to be here on July 24. Its now August 1 and I havent received it yet. Cant write a review if I havent even been able to try it yet.

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