Beekman 1802 Happy Place Sweet Grass Laundry Soap- 150 Load Auto-Ship®

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  • Arrived with package broken open, (larlew VA)

    Love this soap, its all I use, but the bag inside the shipping box was split and there was laundry soap all over. Exchanging for a new one. ( actually I blame the PO, not HSN.)

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  • Love this stuff, (faith4111 FL)

    Presently this is all I use but 2 scoops, not 1. A bit messy so I put it also in a plastic ziploc type container.

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  • Never had this happen before., (joybird OH)

    I have bought this product many times before but this time it came in some big clumps that I am having a hard time breaking up. I am not sure if I am going to return it because it is no longer available in the fresh linen sent to get a replacement but if I don't then I will have some waste.

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  • Love the smell , (Butterflt50 GA)

    Love the smell and that theres no residue but its not not good for stain removal

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  • Laundry Soap, (gaitedhorses CA)

    Works pretty good, not a clean product has some chemiclas. Works good in my top loader washer. Not sure I will keep on auto ship.

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  • Heres what makes me mad!, (Goldenluck NM)

    I like this detergent. I like less chemicals. since there are not children in my house, one scoop is pretty good on most loads. All that being said, I have never bought a bag of this detergent where the Ziploc didnt break immediately! Ive written to them and asked hey why not a Velcro closure? And no one has ever gotten back to me. If you would also like to see a Velcro strip for closure on the bag, SPEAK UP!

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  • Strange odor, (Totowizard FL)

    I just opened my latest bag and I noticed a slight unpleasant odor. I hope that's normal ... I don't recall any odor from previous bags.

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  • Cleans cottons better than detergent, (Felix123 FL)

    Cleans cottons better than detergent, leaves towels soft. It has a very nice light scent.

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