Tiger's Eye Rings


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Ward Off Evil with Tiger’s Eye Rings

The name of this semi-precious stone comes from the stunning colors and designs found in the eye of the majestic jungle cat — Tiger’s eye is a beautiful gemstone that shows off a red-brown to golden color with a silky, shiny luster. It is part of the quartz group of gemstones and gets its lustrous appearance from the growth of quartz crystals and fibers within the stone. Some cultures believe that tiger’s eye helps to ward off the evil eye, or a curse cast when someone gives an unpleasant glare. Many people believe that receiving the evil eye leads to injury or misfortune, so wearing protection to ward it off is vital for protection from the worst. Belief in the evil eye occurs in cultures across West Asia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Albania, and other countries. Tiger’s eye is also thought to aid in balance and harmony in your life. Whether you believe in the evil eye or not, you can still take part in the fun of wearing a tiger’s eye ring, which showcases the beautiful shades of gold, red, and brown in a swirling or striped pattern. You’ll see a variety of color variations from semi-translucent to opaque when you shop HSN, all of which are unique — no two tiger's eye rings will be the same.