Throw Pillows


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Add Style and Comfort with New Throw Pillows

Tossing some throw pillows adds softness, texture, and a pop of color to your bedroom or living area. You can use throw pillows on your sofa, couch, bed, or chairs, creating a softer feel anywhere you like to relax. When you're lying down, watching TV or reading your favorite book, it's nice to have a few different pillows to choose from to help prop up and support your head, neck, and back. When your couch pillows are more functional in nature, it's nice to choose styles with removable covers so you can easily remove them and toss them in the washing machine. The various materials, sizes, and styles of throw pillows available at HSN make it easy to pick out the perfect pillows for your space. You can pick up pillows with textured materials, such as microsuede, faux fur, velvet, or felt, or opt for embellished pillows with tassels, sequins, ruffles, or embroidery. Adding a few new throw pillows is an easy way to enhance the comfort and appearance of your space. Along with a wide selection of throw pillows, HSN carries sofas and stylish bedding styles to match your new pillows. When you shop at HSN, you'll have a beautifully decorated space in no time.