Smart Locks & Accessories


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Stay Protected and Connected With Smart Locks and Accessories

In today's advanced age, technology is involved in just about every aspect of life. The growth of smart home technology, which keeps you connected to systems and appliances within your home from anywhere, has taken the home security industry by storm, with smart locks and accessories that offer an extra layer of protection in a convenient package. Smart locks often use Bluetooth technology to restrict access to the home or office building. With a smart lock on your front door, you can control who can get in or out, without having to bother with physical keys. Some smart locks allow for e-keys to be sent to phones and devices, while others rely on codes to allow access. At HSN, you can shop the selection of smart locks and accessories to offer better protection of your home or business. Along with smart locks, some of the smart accessories available include video-enabled doorbells with two-way talk functionality and motion detection and smart safes, which help you protect your most valuable items and know exactly who has access. Gone are the days of traditional door locks; smart locks and accessories put more control over accessibility in your hands.