Shower Curtains


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Give Bathrooms Simple, Fast Makeovers with New Shower Curtains

What's the first thing you notice in the bathroom? It's often the shower curtain. When you decorate your powder rooms, pick your shower curtains first. Use the curtain as your focal point to make it easy to add coordinating bathroom accessories. Bathroom shower curtains can update your bathroom look in minutes. A new curtain will instantly refresh your style and color palette. The best part? You can avoid the hassle of repainting the walls to change the look! Buy curtain sets with matching hooks to save extra time when you redecorate. Create an upscale feel with shower curtains featuring geometric and floral designs. Want to leave your design options open? Choose a classic white curtain that will always match your rugs and linens. Consider textured fabrics to add depth and interest to your bathroom decor. Keep your shower curtains fresh with regular cleaning. Save time with machine-washable materials like polyester, rayon, and cotton. Remember to read care labels for drying and ironing instructions. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning guidelines to make your curtains last longer. Give your powder rooms fast makeovers with new bathroom shower curtains. Shop the selection of elegant and colorful patterns today.