Collectible Quarters


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Numismatists Will Delight in Our Array of Rare Quarters

The fine art of numismatics—collecting old coins—is a thrilling hobby. You can find rare quarters in a handful of change, at a thrift store, or here at HSN. Within our selection, discover coins to round out your collection or the perfect piece for the collector in your life. Since nearly every numismatist has a pet coin, something she or he loves to collect above all else, you should start there. Indulge in an affinity for silver quarters with the full array of state quarters, or just scoop up a handsome box to display and protect your treasures. HSN has a vast inventory of collectible quarters, and with our payment options and FlexPay plan, you can spoil yourself or another collector without emptying your bank account all at once. Do you love the national parks? Peek at our quarters honoring the Olympic National Park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and others. Honor those who passed through Ellis Island, remember Harpers Ferry, or offer respect to the memory of Gettysburg. Birthday gift, holiday present, or just because—there are dozens of reasons to add to a coin collection, so why not splurge on a set you don't have or a quarter that catches your eye?