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State Quarters Make Your Coin Collection Geographical

What's better than one quarter? Getting an entire collection of 50 state quarters all in one go, of course. Special mints always catch the eye of collectors. Limited coins increase in value, but more importantly, they can round t your collection. They also make thoughtful gifts for people who are serious about numismatics and for casual coin collectors. Whether you're browsing for someone else or yourself, HSN has an irresistible deal on first release state quarters. You can even find a set of gold-plated quarters representing the 1999-2009 decade. If gold isn't your thing, no problem—we have the same selection in proof-clad silver. In addition to an entire state quarters collection, opt for single state coins to flesh out what you already own. Get a novice numismatist started on the road to coin collecting. Spring for a few first day of issue quarters. Pick out only the quarters for states that you've visited or at least driven through, just to make a game of the collecting process. When you find something that strikes your fancy, jump on the deal. Research our FlexPay plans and other finance options so that you can easily afford to add to your collection and increase its value.