Point & Shoot Cameras


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Worth a Thousand Words

Instead of fiddling around with expensive, bulky, and complicated detachable-lens cameras, or clogging up your smartphone with hundreds of photos, pick up one of these handy point and shoot cameras. They feature a picture quality that far outstrips that of today's smartphones, and a high-capacity memory card can store thousands of snapshots. Technology has advanced to where point and shoot digital cameras are quite affordable, so you can splurge on cool accessories and gadgets such as selfie sticks or even a voice-activated selfie drone. Pick up a windshield-mounted dash camera to capture your adventures on that upcoming road trip. Instant print cameras let you share memories right on the spot. Imagine your next family wedding or child's birthday party — every guest can go home with actual photos to remember the occasion! The benefits of compact point and shoot cameras are endless. They can capture night shots and record video, for example. Also, unlike smartphone cameras, they feature numerous settings so you can unlock your inner photographer and take professional-quality photos. Weatherproof cameras are perfect for your next vacation so you don't have to worry about ruining your expensive smartphone as you capture the moments. If you're ready to discover the many benefits of point and shoot cameras, shop at HSN today.