Perennials Plants


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Have a Beautiful Garden Year After Year

Perennials plants make up the solid foundation of any garden. They bring gorgeous color in the spring and summer, and when fall approaches, they go dormant. However, when spring comes again, they pop back with lush new growth that will delight your senses. The collection of perennials from HSN offers fragrant and colorful flowers as well as tasty edibles such as berries, figs, grapes, and even asparagus. From large outdoor living spaces to small ones, you can always find room for perennial plants. When designing your garden, be sure to stock up on plenty of soil and fertilizer to keep your plants thriving and healthy. Then decide what kind of color scheme you are looking for. You can plan to intersperse bulbs with rooted plants to create a diverse and creative garden. Let your imagination soar! Keep your hands clean and free from stickers or thorns by wearing protective hand gloves. You will especially appreciate wearing them when working with berry plants and roses. Create a wonderful outdoor oasis with a variety of perennials that will be in your yard for years. And you can keep shopping HSN over and over to add to your gorgeous collection.