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Discover Indoor and Outdoor Paint to Revamp Your Home

A new coat of paint can make your home look brand new. It can also age it, giving it an antique-inspired vibe, if that's your aesthetic. You don't have to paint the entire house, either. That's a bit much for one person, couple, or family, and it's expensive to hire professionals. Gather all the home improvement tools you need for a DIY painting party. Tackle the front door, the shutters, the trim, and the porch, instead. Updating those details refreshes the appearance of your entire home. Interior paint works the same magic inside. Arm yourself with paint brushes and tools to create the kind of room that belongs in a decor magazine. Experiment with statement-making color palettes, or add designs to the wall with stencils. You can always free-hand, too. Paint three walls the same color, then make the fourth, largest wall a different shade. Give every room in your home a theme of its own. Painting projects are fun, even when the painting gets a bit tedious. The end results are breathtaking, plus you can feel accomplished in a job well done. Get everything you need to paint the inside or the outside of your home at HSN.