Adhesive & Repair Kits


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Use Adhesive Glue to Pull Off Magical Repairs

Use adhesive glue as a quick fix or a permanent solution, depending on what type you buy and how gifted you are at putting things back together. Use adhesive glue and fix tape on a variety of home improvement projects. Wood glue is optimal for wooden pieces of furniture, picture frames, and similar items. Instant adhesives are the best bet for glass, ceramic, and porcelain items, to say nothing of plastic and dozens of other materials. You can even find repair kits for mending tears in certain fabrics and materials like leather and vinyl. Adhesive patches, sprays, and tapes can repair items in a pinch. You can wrap leaking pipes until you get your hands on the plumbing tools you need. Waterproof adhesives can mend holes in pool liners. We even have kits that allow you to paint a non-slip substance onto the bottom of the bathtub. Other products keep carpets and rugs firmly affixed to the floor so that they don't slide. Adhesive is a magical product that can fix your problems permanently, or at least for the moment. It's impressive that you can even mend rips and tears in leather items. Find all of that and more at HSN.