Nail Polish


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Sweep on Gorgeous Colors with Eye-Catching Nail Polishes

Make every gesture a grand performance with stunning fingernail polish enhancing your look. Painted nails are easy to achieve and gorgeous to wear. You can complement any look with a pretty polish to suit your mood. Our collection of nail polishes includes something for every style, so you'll never have trouble finding the right shade. Our carefully curated nail products are superior to many drugstore finds, offering a smooth finish and lasting hardness that will keep your manicure in place. Paint and pamper your nails and you'll enjoy that added punch of confidence that comes from having every last detail put together. Try a rich dark red or a trendy shimmering gold for an extra pop of interest that's sure to catch the eye. Looking for something feminine and sweet? Snag a rosy pink or pale blush for your tips. Nude hues are popular, too. These blend into the background when you're not paying attention but give you an undeniable air of sophistication with their smooth, subtle finish. Whether you're looking for a bold blue, pretty purple, or even a splash of glitter, we have what you need. Get the long-lasting lacquer nail polish you're coveting, and shop HSN today.