Mattress Protectors


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Protect Your Mattress From Invisible Invaders and Sleep Peacefully

On average, a third of every day is spent in bed, and if you're watching TV or playing games in your bedroom, you're spending more time on your mattress than you might realize. As a result, your mattress takes on all kinds of contaminants in the form of dust mites, allergens, and even the skin cells that you shed. It's true that you can wash all of these unwanted guests out of your bedding, but you can't take your mattress to the laundromat. This is why mattress protectors are an important investment if you want to extend the life of your mattress. When you're asleep in bed, you're inhaling all of the microscopic dust and contaminants that are absorbed by the bed. The contaminants are also getting on your skin. It's not a pretty thought, but it's one that you don't have to deal with if you get some mattress protectors to create a barrier between you and the stuff that would settle in your bed. The highly curated collection of mattress protectors at HSN is sure to have something