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Explore the Versatility of Women's Leggings

There's nothing like the comfort and style of women's leggings, which come in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs. They can easily pull double-duty. Wear them during your workout, while playing sports, or when you go for a job. You can also layer them under skirts and dresses or pair them with long tops, sweaters, and cute jackets. Who doesn't want an article of clothing that works in so many ways? Want to wear your leggings all day, every day? Make sure you have a pair or three in basic black. Choose varying thicknesses and lengths, such as cropped and ankle length. Double check to make sure your new bottoms aren't see-through—that's why black is best. Enjoy additional support when you wear leggings that have tummy control. You can even find pieces that lift your rear. Uncover denim leggings for women and enjoy wearing them even more often. Denim leggings, sometimes called “jeggings,” are comfortable and flattering. Consider them a mix between leggings and skinny jeans, but with much more ease of movement and breathability. Choose from a selection of shades and patterns, as well. Discover women's leggings for every day of the week at HSN.