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The Optimized Children's Bedroom

As children grow up, they demand new and fresh look in their bedrooms. Luckily, HSN has a wide array of kids' beds to choose from when the time comes to redecorate. It's important to utilize your kid's coveted bedroom space properly. Kids' rooms are often small but their collection of interests grow by the year. When choosing a child's bedroom set, carefully consider the many facets of his or her personality that develop with age. Perhaps your son wants an elevated kids' bed with a desk underneath to give him a quiet place to study. Or your daughter might want to use the space below as an artist's nook or a music practice area. For those that must consider multiple kids in one room, bunk beds economize space without sacrificing comfort. Twin beds with built-in storage bins are another smart way to get bang for your buck. An elevated bed featuring a chest of drawers lowers the amount of money you have to spend on multiple pieces of furniture. It also teaches adolescents to organize their belongings in a confined area without infringing on other people's space, which prepares them for a college roommate. You can find all these children's bed options and more at HSN.