Eye Primer


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Eye Primer Keeps Makeup Fresh and Beautiful All Day

Your eye makeup looked perfect when you walked out the door. Halfway through the day you look in the mirror and see creased eye shadow and smudged mascara. Time for a touch-up, again. Now you can put your face on once, then help your makeup last for hours with eye primer makeup. When you run around at work, take the kids to soccer practice, or enjoy happy hour or dinner out, your eye makeup will stay put through it all. Eye primer cream works on your eyelids to help your eyeshadow powder or cream stay in place. No more sparkles or dust stuck on your nose, cheeks or blouse. You'll have more time to polish your nails and style your hair! Try a creamy primer pencil to target uneven skin tone on your eyelids. Primer creams keep your skin hydrated and enhance the color pigments of your shadow. Don't forget about your eyelashes. Banish mascara flakes and streaks with a primer made just for your lashes with an applicator brush. Choose a white or tinted eye primer makeup to help build gorgeous full eyelashes without layers of mascara. Shop eye primer makeup at HSN today.