Citrine Jewelry


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Do You Love a Splash of Yellow? Then Citrine Is the Jewel for You.

Completely captivating, citrine is named for its striking yellow color. Citrine jewelry is the ideal choice for budget-conscious women who want to expand their jewelry collection around earth-toned gems. Thanks to its durability and availability, citrine has no real competition when it comes to semi-precious stones. The warm, sunny colors of citrine range from hues of cheery lemon to oranges, golden browns, and reds. Wearing citrine is thought to uplift the spirit, and citrine’s lively colors will certainly brighten your collection. Citrine pairs well with yellow gold and sterling silver settings. The carat size of citrine gemstones does not have much of an effect on its price, making it possible for citrine jewelry to feature very large, prominent stones that deliver loads of bling for the money. Citrine jewelry is a great deal and will last forever because it is remarkably good at standing up to everyday wear and tear. HSN showcases breathtakingly beautiful citrine crystalline pieces for November birthstone jewelry, and citrine jewelry is the gift of choice for couples celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary. Because of the recent full-scale revival of this gemstone and its bargain price, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to treat yourself with citrine jewelry at HSN.