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Show Off Your Style With Sparkling Citrine Necklaces

Citrine is a beautiful gemstone that is often featured prominently in jewelry pieces. It is the variety of quartz in any shade from yellow to orange, although it rarely occurs naturally. Instead, gemstone manufacturers use heat to treat smoky quartz and amethyst stones, which changes the color. The name of the stone comes from the citron fruit, which is similar to the lemon. In several languages, the word “citron” actually means lemon. If you'd like to wear a piece of jewelry that features this eye-catching and elegant stone, check out the citrine necklaces available at HSN. Each elegant piece of jewelry in this collection includes at least one citrine stone in a stunning shade of orange or yellow. Some of the citrine pendant necklace options have larger central stones. You can choose from necklaces that also include other types of gemstones that complement the yellow or orange coloring of the citrine, as well as options with gold or silver backdrops or chains. Along with these options, HSN also has an extensive collection of other jewelry pieces to fit every occasion. Pick out a new ring, a stylish pair of earrings, or a bracelet that will go perfectly with your citrine necklace.