Black Blankets & Throws


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Cozy Up In Your Favorite Black Blankets and Throws

Is there a better way to spend the evening than wrapped up in your coziest black blankets and throws? With the right selection, you can take on anything from a TV marathon to a brand new stack of romance novels. As long as you keep one hand free to reach for that marshmallow-coated cup of hot cocoa, the world is your oyster. The beauty of black blankets and throws is that they leave the door wide open for wild pops of color with your throw pillow selection. HSN's home decor department has something for everyone, whether you're looking for classic pops of red or glossy glitters of gold. The truth is, a lady can never have too many throw pillows. Once your oasis is secure, make sure you have only the finest accent table to secure that smooth cup of hot cocoa or steaming pot of tea. Surely, there's no better way to treat yourself than a snuggle session with a luxurious blanket and your favorite fictional friends. Even with the warmest, softest blanket in town, no snuggle session would be complete without a fresh pair of fun-loving slippers. HSN has something for every character in this colorful selection.