Gamma Vitamin E

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  • Very Good oil. I will buy it again, (Flor454 FL)

    It is a good one. I like that it is thick. I also put on my face and I like how it look on it, and mix with my hair conditioner and leave it on for a while and wash out.

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  • Seriously, (krauszerlpn FL)

    How can you write a review when you're Only on it 5 days And how do you know how you're gonna feel if anything it's a vitamin

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  • BEST EVER, (mickey233 FL)


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  • Love Andrew, (JanLee91 IN)

    I take this every other day along with several other of his supplements.

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  • Vit. E, (elvagonzales CO)

    they are great and they work real good

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  • Best and most trusted vitamins , (WYSSEM KS)

    I have been using AL for more than 20 years, I am pretty sure I take more than 10 vitamins a day, they are easy to swallow, gentle on your stomach and some I know I cannot be without. I just turned 50 and I am adding vitamin E to my regiment. Thank you. Aida

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  • Good E, (flmidnight67 FL)

    This is a good vitamin E to have .

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  • Love A Lessman products, (JanLee91 IA)

    Love this vit e, know its quality from Andrew, thx

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  • Love Andrew Lessman, (JanLee91 IN)

    Love A. Lessman products, very trustworthy

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  • Easy to swallow , (nevill27 CA)

    I use all kind of vitamins from Andrew, easy to swallow

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  • Another one, (mickey233 FL)

    This with EVENING Primrose WORKS GREAT FOR ME WITH tender BREASTS. Nothing serious but helps to feel brtter.

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    This product works very well to keep my heart going, it's very good.

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  • Great Vitamins, (Nel1006 NY)

    I love this vitamins, I have to take Vitamin E due to a health issue and these are the best ones that I have found. I will continue to use them.

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  • Miracle, (tonie262 NC)

    I was told by my physician to purchase this type of vitamin e specifically for my low energy levels. I cant express the enormous difference I feel since Ive been taking these. Along with vitamin c this had changed my life. If you are questioning whether you should make the leap and purchase this please stop questioning and purchase them. There is a significant difference in vitamin brands. You want regret it. I came to this site.again to purchase my second bottle and saw I could leave a review

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  • Great product!, (PATJ717 ND)

    I ordered this product because my daughter has asthma, since she started using this vitamin her asthma has improved so much! I definitely will be ordering these vitamins again!

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