Gamma Vitamin E

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  • cant say I noticed a difference., (MommieFinds MD)

    these weren't any better or worse that expected.

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  • PRICEY....RETURNED, (tnglam TN)

    I am totally confused with Vit E products from Andrew...I returned, as I see it in the Essentials one and I don't know which extra E I should take...this one or the Vit E fish oil??? Maybe, he can clear it up , in a future presentation.

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  • Vit E, (student2 IA)

    I was certain that these would work for me - but I had tummy issues after taking them a few days so I discontinued and sent back. I just now ordered ALs Complete on autoship and hope to have better luck. I take several of Andrews supplements and have never had a bad experience. Don't think these are for me, but hope they work well for others.

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