Friendly Flora

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  • Good, (bluecheeseolives OH)

    I like Andrews products not sure about the health benefits

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  • Ultimate friendly flora, (corvette14 FL)

    Ive been taking this for a while now and just received another delivery the other day. I dont recall seeing two different size of this supplement before. They are both the same color, whiteish, but not the same size. Okay to take?

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  • Good probiotic, (Bama22 AL)

    Happy with this probiotic so far. Has more probiotic strains than the probiotic I was using before. A little pricy.

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  • ??, (Chubby194 IL)

    Havent received yet but liked in the past!

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  • Flora fantastic, (ChiCurly IL)

    This is such a terrific product. Thank you Andrew.

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  • Good Product, (Mim7 IL)

    I've never taken a pro biotic before but I decided to try it. It has helped my system become more regular and that is helpful. It is very expensive for me but the fiber usually does the same thing

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  • Great!, (July01890 NC)

    I have a roomful of Andrew Lessman supplements. I take most of them religiously. This one is no exception. I stock up. I have multiple of health issues so taking this makes me feel good. Thank you Andrew.

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  • Flora, (SAG51 FL)

    Still in the testing phase,

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  • Friendly Flora, (Myst9 SC)

    husband uses. they work well

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  • Plain F. Flora Works Better For Me, (Greenozma NY)

    I love Andrews products, have used them for years. Normally I took Friendly Flora, then switched to try Ultimate. Unfortunately it seems too strong? for me. I gave my body time to adjust, but it affected my GI tract in a way I dislike. I experimented with variations use for two days, omit for three days, etc. but it didnt agree with me. Im 71, I have autoimmune disease and may have IBS so that may be a factor. Im going back to simply Friendly Flora, that works for me.

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  • Good , (Gitadevi TX)

    Seems ok havent taken it that long to make an opinion. Just have one complaint. I got three empty shells in this bottle.

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  • For stomach upset and reflux, (harps ME)

    I have been taking Ultimate Friendly Flora for years for a chronic stomach upset and reflux. As long as I take it every day it seems to help keep me in check.

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  • Constipation, (Springerle OH)

    Praying that I will feel better taking these. Thank you for your products.

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  • Been taking for at least 10 years, (LinnyLuLu3 CA)

    Weve been taking Andrews vitamins fo years. I know they help us stay healthy. Only thing now is I dont know if I can afford to keep taking them. These are twice the price now and are dated 2022. Not long enough to buy extra. Try these vitamins. We are in our 60s and take them everyday. We believe they help keep us healthy

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  • Terry P, (Terry25 GA)

    I really love Friendly Flora, but I notice several capsules are only partially full. Hence only 4 stars. This is happening more and more.

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