Friendly Flora

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  • DECEPTIVE, (Spunky321 OH)

    I ordered the 180 count and when I received it I thought the bottle was rather small. I looked at my previous bottle and there were 240 pills. Same amount of money, 60 less pills. I will not be ordering anymore of Lessmans products and I use a lot of them!

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  • Stomach Cramps, (Molly115 IN)

    The shipping was so slow on these and then when I got them, they came only in a plastic bag not box. I tried one and got an awful stomachache that started shortly after taking it and I still have it today, hours after taking it. Very disappointed and will send back.

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  • ultimate friendly flora, (foodie2023 IL)

    appreciate its effects on all.

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  • Terrible, (Kimrn28 MI)

    I have taken probiotics in the past and have never experienced such abdominal cramping and bloating as I did with this product. Returned.

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  • I see no benefits, (baba1114 MI)

    Baba i see no results

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  • ?, (Mlk74 LA)

    Just received 7/16/2022. Cannot review

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  • Look like a modly bottle. , (bengbeng62 FL)

    This vitamin when i received it the bottle look like came from the bottom of the barrel. I was about to open the bottle when I noticed the bottle is unpresentable and it should have been tossed out from the warehouse. The bottom barcode has black all over and only partial of the barcode or the scanner is visible. Almost look like mold outside.I am very disappointed and not very happy customer here. Why would you sent this vitamin when its visible the appearance of the bottle look moldy.

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  • Disappointed and duped, (KANTHONY FL)

    I have purchased dozens of Andrew Lessmans products for many years and this is my first disappointment. I needed to replenish my friendly flora probiotic but was very disappointed when my container was less than half the size of the previous one. In reading the details it only contains 10k CFU vs the previous 25k, making the ingredients less than half the potency and the magnesium has been removed.

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  • Rhonnie, (Renae49 MI)

    Did not like sent back.

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  • Left us both sick., (luvs2shop28 CA)

    My husband and I both tried this, and both of us got cramps and diarrhea. This bacteria didn't agree with us at all. I'm wondering why you need to take more bacteria every day. Doctors say to have yoghurt once if you have diarrhea. Those flora survive just fine.

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  • DISAPPOINTED!, (Dawnah MA)

    Warning! Andrew's vitamins/supp. should NOT be put in pill boxes. They change color and fall apart. (90% OF THEM) For some reason the calcium does not. I called the company and they told me they have to stay in the bottle they come it. If your home is humid and/or warm they disintegrate and change color.

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  • What happen the pill size has changed, (shir40 IL)

    I don't know if I should take 2 with them being so small I would only take one before

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  • Where, (RLHayward CA)

    Never received!

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  • PROBIOTICS ARE BETTER, (chicagogirl329 GA)

    A dedicated women's probiotic works much better than this product.

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  • Never received, (Denise0628 NH)

    I Have been waiting over a month for this, was supposed to receive it in November. I will not be ordering these supplements anymore.

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