Friendly Flora

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  • Great Poduct, (belair55 TN)

    I am a big Andrew Lessman fan. I have been buying his products as long as he has been on HSN, about 25 years I guess. I am 71 and have no health problems. I contribute it to Andrew's vitamins. This particular product helps keep my gut in check.

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    Always work well, calms the stomach when taken regularly.

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  • Love Friendly Flora, (Jetes NJ)

    I take many of Andrews supplements and love them all. Not one upsets my stomach. Small and easy to swallow. I suffer with a few digestive issues and it is very important for me to the best probiotic possible. Friendly Flora is that product. I have given them to my daughter and even my furry baby when he was ill and taking different medications. This product is one of many I would never be without. Thank you Andrew for making outstanding vitamins that I trust.

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  • LOVE THIS!!, (dixiedoo IN)

    as usual Andrew has knocked it out of the park, he just makes fabulous products, no stomach upset at all.....

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  • Great stuff, (Bunnylady25 OH)

    I have been taking these for years. They work.

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  • Terrific product , (Metairiegal LA)

    This is the second or third time I am getting these. I feel better knowing that my gut is healthy, which keeps me healthy. I believe Andrew cares about his products and it shows.

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  • Excellent probiotic for women, (doone22 NJ)

    This is a great product if you need A probiotic. I've been using them for 7 years And this one ive Tried for 7 years I just ran out and the amount of gas and bloatedness is unbelievable so I actually purchased these watching hsn I usually use. Bio K but these were on sale on tv and thought I would try them and I'm glad I did because I continue to buy them. Along with the other brands I choose. I'm 67 no bloated stomach with these!

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  • ultimate friendly flora, (foodie2023 IL)

    trust this capsule

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  • These have helped with heartburn, (JudyInLA CA)

    I've been using these for a few months now, and they've definitely helped to calm down my digestive issues.

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  • Works!!, (Buyer89 TX)

    Helps me alot! I have reordered 2 more times.

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  • This is the best priobiotic, (Cochranville PA)

    I love this friendly flora. For many years I was plagued with gastrointestinal problems, constipation and diarrhea. The gastroenterologist recommended fiber supplementation but that did not help. I tried other brands of prebiotics and probiotics and although they helped, this is the brand I recommend. If you are new to this, I would suggest you take two a day. That is what I did and within a month, I was out of my intestinal distress. Thank you Andrew and please don't stop producing these.

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  • MrMrsM, (Mr-MrsM CA)

    My husband uses 4 daily per doctors orders. Would love to see this in a 720 capsule bottom as between the two of us we use 2160 capsules yearly.

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  • Mema, (Mema134 CT)

    This is another Andrew Lessman product I have been taking for years.Started them after a severe bout of IBS and they helped restore normal function to my GI tract.Will take them forever!

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  • Love these, (wiggles103 FL)

    I used this product for a while. I believe it keeps me healthy. I am 72 years old and I am in great shape.

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  • My Gut Thanks You, (GrannyPat25 TX)

    This product has really leveled me out. No more belly pain, works Great!

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