AeroPilates Magic Circle

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  • Works, (peppei NJ)

    Only problem is CD wouldnt load. Emailed company never got another CD.

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  • magic circle, (dropps WA)

    great item to work out and you can feel and see the difference.

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  • Good quality, (makeupaddict5 NC)

    I am well pleased with this circle.

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  • Love this, (PashkaSnow GA)

    Great toning tool! I noticed a difference in my arms quickly and like it for inner and outer thighs as well!

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  • Magic Circle, (go2wayno CA)

    Excellent portable exercise tool. Light weight. Sturdy. Able to easily do a variety of leg and arm exercises.

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  • Great product, (KFIZZ WV)

    I am very impressed. As a woman in her 60's, many know how hard it is to wear sleeveless tops because of your arms. I noticed a difference almost immediately. They are now toned and look so much better. This year I cannot wait to wear sleeveless tops.

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  • Good buy, (Floridaagain FL)

    Havent watched the CD yet. I purchased for the upper arms seems to work well.

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    I couldn't afford to buy the Pilates machine but decided to purchase this magic ring instead - best thing I could ever do for myself!. It has helped me with pain in my arms and legs and hips. I am so grateful for this product!

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  • Easy and portable, (wandany NY)

    You can feel the burn quickly and can use on multiple areas. Lightweight and portable. The new thigh master!!!

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  • Effective, (salm91 NY)

    It is effective without having the pilates bed.

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  • AeroPilates Magic Circle , (SharonD17 MO)

    The CD instructions are excellent with providing oral and demonstrational instructions. I was able to use the product after watching the CD all the way through. Product is well made.

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  • Let's do it, (Peebles7 MO)

    I'm an seasoned lady. I don't like to work out this is a start for me. I like how it works. I have started something I believe I can keep doing

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  • Great Addition, (sure_thing GA)

    I'm a great fan of Aero Pilates products. Don't know why I've waited so long to get the Circle. I've had a reformer for 20 years which I've upgraded twice and was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I take the Circle to work and have mini workouts from time to time throughout the day. Thinking of buying another!

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