Questions Answers
What are Luminess Air cosmetics made of? Our airbrush cosmetics are water-based and feature a high-tech mineral-based pigment system
Are the foundations oil-free? Luminess Air cosmetics are 100% oil-free
Why do I have to shake the makeup before use? Airbrush make up is designed to easily separate in the water-based formulation. The separation helpsthe airbrush atomize water content of the formulation to give the right finish on the skin. It is criticallyimportant for users to shake their airbrush make-up for 5-10 seconds before each use. Listen for thesounds of BB's rattling in the bottle. Shaking makeup allows for the foundation makeup to activate. Also note that the makeup shade will not be accurate without shaking the bottle
Can airbrush cosmetics be used without an airbrush? No, airbrush cosmetics are engineered to be atomized by an airbrush. Using our airbrush formulation byhand or brush will not activate the cosmetics and will not look right
What are the basics of airbrush cosmetic formulations? • Fragrance Free
• Paraben Free
• Hypoallergenic
• Noncomdengenic
• Dermatologist tested
• Safe to use in eye area
• Do not stain clothes
• Water-based
• Mineral-based
• Never tested on animals
• Paraben Free
• Hypoallergenic
What is the standard shelf life of an unopened Luminess Air cosmetic product? Two (2) years from the date of manufacture as marked on the bottom of each make-up container
What are the concerns about mineral powder cosmetics? • Mineral powder Makeup is dry and flaky, best suited for individuals with combination to oily skin
• Mineral powder can sit inside fine lines and pores of the face to exaggerate texture issues on skin
• Mineral powder never provides long-length coverage and generally lasts 2-3 hours at best
• Mineral powder requires constant touch-up and must be carried by user all day
• Mineral powder features low coverage and is not ideal to hide blemishes
• Mineral powder requires full contact application with a brush, which increases the chances of irritation from brushing and the transfer of contamination
• Application process can cause fatigue to delicate skin (brush rubbing against skin)
• Mineral powder makeup is not the choice of professional makeup artists
• Difficult to color match your exact skin tones
• Mineral powder can sit inside fine lines and pores of the face to exaggerate texture issues on skin
What are the concerns about conventional liquidfoundations? • Liquid makeup can look “caked on” the skin
• Liquid makeup can look and feel heavy on the skin
• Liquid makeup application is time-consuming
• Generally features oil-based or silicone-based formulations, which can irritate skin
• Full contact application process requires fingers, brushes and/or sponges, which can increase the odds of skin contamination and poor skin hygiene
• Application process can cause fatigue to delicate skin
• Difficult to color match your exact skin tones
• Liquid makeup can look “caked on” the skin
• Liquid makeup can look and feel heavy on the skin
• Liquid makeup application is time-consuming
How do I match my Skin tone with airbrushcosmetics? Airbrush cosmetics were invented to provide the most realistic and accurate skin match experience. The advanced airbrush“pixelation” technology mimics skin pigment cells to intelligently and naturally blend onto the surface of your skin for a realistic match.Color match technique:
1. Understand if you have a pink or olive skin undertone?
2. Shades vary in depth and intensity as the shade numbers get darker
3. Even-numbered foundation shades feature warm/pink undertones
4. Odd-numbered foundation shades feature olive/yellow skin undertones
5. Use odd or even shades depending on your skin tone family
6. Neutral toned skin types can use either even shades or a combination of 2 shades together intothe stylus
7. Always airbrush on foundation and avoid sampling by finger/brush-on application, as you will not getan accurate representation of color.
How do I use the airbrush foundation to minimizeskin redness? Use the power of color science to instantly eliminate skin redness coloration. Use the olive undertonefoundation to neutralize the effect of redness. Example: you may be a Foundation Shade 4 but suffer fromredness. Try applying Shade 5—the combination of pink and olive undertones will neutralize the redness,helping to produce a more desired skin tone.
Can I break out using airbrush foundation? Airbrush cosmetics are easy on the skin. Always test the foundation be applying it to the inside of yourforearm. Breakouts are generally associated with the basic internal chemistry and health of your body.No specific serious breakouts or allergies are known or associated with our products, according toindependent third party clinical examinations.
What type of makeup remover works best with Luminess Air? Since Luminess Air cosmetics are water-based, they can easily be removed with water.
How is the makeup supposed to feel on my skin? Airbrush makeup is designed to fell like you have nothing on your skin. Airbrush foundation is designedto look and feel light. A sticky or heavy feel indicates that you are either using the wrong type of makeupfoundation series or are applying too much makeup without applying foundation in light multiple layers.to look and feel light. A sticky or heavy feel indicates that you are either using the wrong type of makeup
Can I mix different shades together into the airbrush? Airbrush makeup is designed to be mixed and matched. You can add a few drops of one shade with a fewdrops of a second shade to achieve the most perfect personal shade. You can dilute the effect of a blushwith your foundation shade or mix a few drops of bronzer into your foundation to add that extra warmth.You can easily mix shades by placing a few drops of each product directly into the airbrush stylus makeupcup. Remember to back-bubble—this will activate the built-in shade blender to perfectly mix shadesbefore application to your skin.
What is the SPF rating of Luminess Airfoundations? Luminess Air foundations are rated to deliver SPF 15
How long does airbrush cosmetics last on the skin? Airbrush cosmetics are designed to last 8-50 hours on the skin.
Is airbrush makeup waterproof? Airbrush cosmetics are designed to be water-resistant.
Can I use airbrush cosmetics on my body? Yes, airbrush foundations and color cosmetics are designed to work on the entire body.
Airbrush System Related
What should I do if I press the On button but nothing happens? Make sure that the airbrush system is plugged into a wall outlet or the Go-battery system for power.
What is the PSI rating for the Luminess Air system. Luminess Air systems are designed to blow at 10 PSI.PSI, which stands for “Pounds per Square Inch,” is a pressure-rating system.
What should I do if there is no air flowing out of mystylus? First confirm that you have power and that your airbrush system is turned on. Make sure that the air hoserunning from your compressor is not crimped or blocked.
What should I do when air flows out of my styluswhen I am NOT spraying? This is normal; the airbrush is designed to do this. Product will spray only when you press back on the spraythrottle located on the stylus. The continuous air flow is very helpful; it allows you to determine the locationof the spray on your face. And you can also use the continuous air flow to help dry sprayed cosmetics.
What should I do when makeup is spraying out of the stylus and I am NOT pushing back on the throttle? This means that the airbrush needle inside your stylus is not locked in and tight. Unscrew the tail cap ofthe stylus; push in the needle all the way and then tighten the needle chuck.
How do I back-bubble to mix product in the stylus? Make sure that the airbrush system is on. Insert the combination of colors into the stylus makeup cup.Place your finger to constrict the airflow out of the airbrush nozzle and gently pull back on the throttle.Do this very gently.
Should I clean the stylus after every use? Yes, cleaning your stylus is very fast and easy. Place a few drops of water into the stylus make-up cup andspray. Keep at it until the spray out of the airbrush is completely clear (colorless). Spill/blow out any waterin the stylus makeup cup into sink and you are done. This step should not take more than 10 seconds.
What should I do if the airbrush system is notspraying well? Go to your airbrush system’s printed instruction guide and review cleaning the airbrush needle.
I have dismantled my stylus and need assistancein reassembling it. Can you help? Go to the training DVD and review the section on rebuilding the airbrush stylus.
What should I do if the stylus will not spray? Make sure that the stylus needle is clean and that no dried-up makeup is in the stylus makeup cup.The best option is to remove the stylus needle and soak it overnight in a 50-50 water/vinegar solution.Remember to rinse the airbrush after the overnight soak. The solution should help loosen and dissolveany build-up inside the stylus.Occasionally, users have dropp
Can I replace my stylus? Occasionally, users have dropped, damaged or destroyed the stylus part of the airbrush system. A newstylus can be purchased separately from the HSN website.
Can I use my airbrush system overseas? All airbrush systems feature our 110-220V A/C power adapter
Can I use a Go-battery system on the Luminess Air Yes. The Go-battery system is available as an accessory and operates on 8 AA batteries (we suggestrechargeable batteries). And a typical set of batteries will last 8-12 makeup applications.
What should I do if I have stylus-related issuesthat hamper performance? Our Customer Service Department is available to help you troubleshoot and walk you through the solving of any stylus-related issue.The dedicated HSN customer service # is (toll-free) 888-262-1825.
What should I do if my compressor shuts off suddenly? The compressor is programmed to shut off after 9 minutes of use. This is an automatic program within thecompressor to insure that your compressor to prevent overheating. Simply turn on the compressor forfurther use. Turn off the compressor when done.