Wine Storage


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Selecting the Right Wine Storage

Whether you're interested in wine storage, displaying your bottled selections on wine racks, or keeping the beverage cold and inviting in wine coolers or wine refrigerators, there are a variety of choices in winery accessories to please any decorative palate. HSN makes it easy to select from a tempting buffet of accessories such as modern chillers and decorative wine decanters, convenient storage tables, or a clear ice cube maker. Choose a top name in the culinary world when selecting a stainless steel wine chiller or a gourmet spiral wine rack. If you have plans to entertain and want the convenience of a cart to prepare the perfect glass of wine, one that has multiple racks to hold wine bottles and an area to hang wine glasses, you've come to the right place to find just what you need. The choices in wine coolers are also impressive whether you're interested in a cooler that holds 34 bottles or a smaller version that holds 18 bottles. HSN's selections run from modern and decorative to sleek and functional. For those on the go to events, picnics, or camping adventures, a wine carrying bag is the perfect take-along accessory.