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TV's With Built-In Accessories

Today, a wide-screen HD TV just doesn't cut it anymore. With so many programs and services accessible online, you need a Wi-Fi connection and an HDMI connection to make the best use of your TV. At HSN, discover a collection of TCL electronics that will open up your TV viewing experience into a new realm. The first thing you want is Roku streaming. With Roku, you have access to all the online networks you crave, like Hulu and Netflix. TCL products connect you directly with Roku services, so you won't have to buy a separate Roku device. Your streaming experience will become so much easier. Your next consideration is, of course, size. Though we all have that one friend with a TV big enough to be in a movie theatre, that's not the experience everyone wants. A smaller screen will compliment smaller rooms, like bedrooms. As long as the picture and sound quality are top-notch, the screen size is less important than you might think. Try a 32"" or a 40"" in a small living room, and enjoy having wall space for other things, too. When it's time to upgrade your TV viewing experience, HSN is your TCL electronics resource.