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Why Settle for Anything Less Than Tanzanite Rings?

Tanzanite is an extraordinary gemstone, found only in Tanzania, its country of origin. Ancient people believed it had the power to transform negative energy into positive vibes when worn. Strikingly brilliant, 585-million-year-old tanzanite appears to change colors when you look at it from different angles. It's naturally available in a variety of bluish tones, such as deep, rich purples, violet, and periwinkle, and is often confused with sapphire, another precious blue stone. Often paired with other gems like eye-catching white zircon, diamonds, and topaz, elegant and feminine tanzanite rings look absolutely stunning. Tanzanite rings in white gold classic settings are ideal birthstone gifts for December birthday girls. Excite your friends when you pair a timeless tanzanite ring with a daring cocktail dress or impress your colleagues when you match your dazzling tanzanite ring with a smart pantsuit for the office. With a bold tanzanite jewel on your finger, you're sure to leave a lasting impression every time you wear it. Add some sparkle and glamorous style to your wardrobe staples, from denim designer jeans and simple tees to your favorite little black dress. At HSN, you'll find beautifully set tanzanite rings, as well as the best fashion choices to go with them.