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Discover a Fun Selection of Remote Control Toys

Whether you are shopping for a kid or a kid at heart, remote control toys provide endless hours of entertainment for the entire family. With HSN's curated collection of remote control drones and other toys, you can quickly find your favorites and have them ready to give as gifts in no time. When buying an RC toy, consider the age range and ease of use. Instead of an RC drone, kids and collectors may prefer a Star Wars remote control speeder or Tie Fighter. Both adults and kids will love a set of remote battling helicopters, while any drone owner could use an extra set of propellers, a rechargeable drone battery, or a waterproof carrying case. Professional or hobbyist photographers and videographers will love our advanced camera drones. More than remote control toys, camera drones are built to capture high-definition stills and video with expert precision. You can even opt for a stunt camera drone capable of doing barrel rolls and flips. Shop the impressive selection of remote control toys and drones at HSN before spending more anywhere else. You'll love our highly rated products and will enjoy countless hours of remote-control fun!