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Games & puzzles are beneficial for children of all ages, helping them to interact with others, build their self-confidence, and even develop motor skills. When you play hands-on games with kids or they play games with their peers, children can boost their social skills, improve their abilities to focus and remember things, and even have an outlet for creative expression. Certain games also help younger kids to strengthen their balance while coordinating their bodies with their brains. If you're looking to take advantage of these benefits and build your collection of board games, check out the selection at HSN. With a wide variety of toys & games available, you can find options for everyone in your family at HSN. Older kids may enjoy playing strategy games that require more careful thought, while toddlers will have fun with physical games that boost coordination and balance. Fun puzzles are also available for all skill levels, from several-piece puzzles for young kids to thousand-piece puzzles that show beautiful scenery and photography. Find the perfect games & puzzles at HSN to help your kids enjoy the benefits of hands-on, creative play.