Pillow Cases


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Rest Easy with New Pillow Cases

The purpose of a pillowcase is to protect your pillow as you sleep on it, but the right pillowcases do so much more than offer protection. With the right style, your pillow case can add a pop of color to your bedding. You can also choose a pillowcase made from a soft, comfortable material to improve your comfort when you’re sleep. For example, silk and satin pillowcases feel cool against your skin, making them top choices in areas with warm climates. Luxurious materials like linen or Egyptian cotton make your bed more appealing. Pillow cases from HSN will cradle your head in soft comfort. You can choose from a variety of options, starting with basic cotton styles that will get the job done. If you tend to get hot and sweaty in your sleep, a set of microfiber or cooling pillowcases can make a big difference in your overall comfort. Add some elegance to your bedroom by opting for pillowcases with patterned or embroidered edges. Jumbo and king-sized pillowcases work well for larger pillows, while hypoallergenic pillowcases can help if you suffer with sneezing and congestion when you lie down at night. Find the perfect pillowcases that fit with the style of your bedroom at HSN.