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Spark Your Inspiration With a Patterned Comforter

Whimsical paisley swirls, gorgeous floral designs, and elegant geometric interwoven shapes are some of the patterns you can admire in HSN's selection of patterned comforters. Find classic styles, like elegant tufts or rustic plaid, as well as exotic patterns that perfectly fuse form and color. Whether you like bright or subdued color palettes, there's a patterned comforter for you. Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom. A vividly patterned comforter is a great way to brighten up the room and make the space more attractive. Plus, with a patterned comforter or blanket spread over your bed, you don't have to put as much consideration into other bedroom furniture and decorations. With a simple side table, understated rug, and vase full of fresh flowers, your room will already feel put together. If you like your bedroom to be calm but can't resist a comforter with flair, use it for a cheerful and welcoming guest bedroom. Patterned comforters are adaptable and work well for many ages. Young girls and teenagers can't resist colorfully designed comforters and pillows to give their room a distinctive appearance. Adults who appreciate visual art will love a patterned comforter inspired by global cultures. In fact, anyone with a free-spirited nature might enjoy one of these boldly patterned comforters.