Outdoor Grills


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Grill Dinner Anytime and Anywhere

Whether you want a new shiny grill for the backyard or need a safe way to grill in your apartment building, HSN has something for you. It offers full-size and table-top grills that use charcoal, electricity, or gas. You'll also find charcoal and electric smokers. Outdoor grills pretty much represent summer, especially the gas-powered units. Gas fires up more quickly than charcoal, but charcoal adds more of a smoky flavor to grilled meats and vegetables. The type of unit that's best for you depends on your personal taste. There are also portable grills, which are perfect for camping trips and tailgating parties. All the indoor grills are electric — it's not safe to use charcoal or propane indoors — and they're the best alternative to outdoor grilling. If you're a serious fan of steak, ribs, and all things meat-related, take a look at the smokers. Using one of these bad boys will add a whole new level of flavor to your food that will impress the guests at your next barbecue party. In fact, you may want to keep all the food to yourself. Browse the grill collection at HSN today and start planning a feast.