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Enjoy Faster Wi-Fi With a Netgear Router

Upgrade to a Netgear router to enjoy a better, faster connection. Do you ever experience dead spots walking around the house? Have you noticed that your laptop's connection is sketchy in your home office but stable near your modem? You just need more power. HSN has an array of Netgear Wi-Fi accessories and routers that will give you a serious signal boost. Everyone in the neighborhood will want to hop on your connection, but you're the only one who gets to enjoy speedy downloads, smooth streaming, and the ability to connect your tablet wirelessly. Check out tri-band Netgear Wi-Fi router systems that provide a lightning-fast connection, not to mention the ability to connect from any corner of your home. Try a dual-band router with antennas to spare and say goodbye to those annoying dead zones. Make sure you pick out a router that can handle a variety of wireless devices so that you won't lose speed even if every device in the house hops on the Wi-Fi. Enjoy the convenience of connecting your laptop, mobile devices, and even your wireless printer. Think about how much you rely on your Wi-Fi. Update your router at HSN, where our FlexPay options help you get the most bang for your buck.